Lincoln’s house is on Eighth and Jackson in Springfield, Illinois. Not only is the house itself an historic site, but the entire neighborhood is restored to reflect the years that Lincoln lived there.

Unlike the estates of most of his predecessors, Lincoln’s house is sort of regular. This is also one of the few houses you do not have to pay to visit – because when Robert Lincoln donated the house to the State of Illinois in 1887, he did so under the condition they never charged for someone to visit the home.

Here are some other facts about the Lincolns.

*In 1909 Lincoln was the first president to have his face put on a regular-issued coin.

*In 1863, Lincoln asked Americans to set aside the last Thursday in November as a day of thankfulness.

*While living in this house, the Lincolns owned a dog named Fido. The dog stayed with friends in Illinois when the family went to Washington.

*After her husband’s death, Mary Lincoln never came back to the Springfield house.

*Lincoln was the only president to hold a patent – for refloating shored boats.

*The last Lincoln descendent was Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith who died in 1985.

Most of the furniture is not original (a lot of it is displayed in other places around the country).

One of the first things I noticed when walking in the house was the red and green carpet and the purple and yellow wallpaper. Talk about clashing!  But the tour guide assured us that was the style. But I’m thinking, it might be proof of Mary’s insanity.

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