I’ve been thinking about kids lately – well, of course, I’m always thinking about kids because that’s my job and because I hang around with them a lot..  But in particular I’ve been thinking about younger kids and the problem they have with distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

That’s always been a development issue with kids – at what point do they know what’s real and what’s make believe, but I think our society plays into that confusion.  For instance, take reality shows.  Take the one reality show I actually like – Amazing Race. Say, one of the teams has made a wrong turn and is out in the middle of an unfamiliar forest in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar country. You feel for them, sure, but you know they aren’t truly in danger. After all, you’re watching them, so a camera man or two must be right outside the picture – and the cameramen aren’t lost.

But anyhow, this confusion kids have was confirmed by a news report I read today.

You know that movie that’s been out The Princess and the Frog? I haven’t seen it, but I’ve read fairy tales before about kissing a frog who then turns into your handsome prince.

Guess a few too many kids thought it was all true. Unbelievable!  Reports from 25 different states. You gotta read it.


On a lighter side – my department took me out for a belated $1.00 birthday lunch today.  I chose Benedicts again because I like eating in a vintage 1800 house with a tree growing through it and out the roof.  It’s a breakfast place (open until 2:00) with omelets, fritattas, Quiche, etc. Here are some pictures of the tree inside and outside. By the way, I took these pictures last time we were there – so truly, they don’t still have their Christmas wreath hanging up.

I’ve talked about this before, but I call it the $l.00 dinner because of what we do in our department – which really works. For our birthday lunch, we get to choose where we want to go – and then everyone in the department gives you just $1.00.  So – if you spend more than that, you pay the difference. If you spend less, you make money.

The nice part about it – is you always know you’ll be contributing just a $l.00 to the birthday person. No sitting around dividing the bill.

Anyhow, my brother’s comment: Benedicts is to restaurants as chick flicks are to movies.

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