I posted this before – about four years ago – but I still feel the same.


I have three chronic pet peeves in my life.

1. People who need to come to a complete stop before making a right turn (although I revise that for corners with ticket-producing photo sensors. Please, please stop at those corners – and as my sister-in-law told me – COUNT TO TEN before you go again.)

2. Card thingys they put in magazines – (I am sure marketing people have a professional word for them  like Advertising Opportunity Inserts – but I prefer to think of them as “card thingys” that you tear, toss and trash.)

3. CNN playing in the background of my life.  This is especially evident in airports and in the breakfast room at Hampton Inns – though NOT limited to those locations.   The TV  chatters in the background when I last got my oil changed and when I get gas .  The noise just drones on and on.  Say you have a three-hour wait at an airport – the same political battlefield is discussed over and over again or the scenes from a plane crash are flashed every fifteen minutes.  (Always a comforting news event when you’re sitting at the gate, waiting to get on a plane.)

What is people’s fascination with this?  Can someone not just sit in the quiet for a few minutes?

Well, now that airlines are trying to get better and better and doing what they can to attract customers, the television once again intrudes into my life.

You settle back in your seat (although you can’t settle back too far because your seat needs to be in an upright position), you get out your book and are ready for a peaceful two-hour stretch of time when you can read.  Suddenly little TV screens appear out of nowhere and even if you decide not to partake in TV entertainment – it’s right in front of you.

Longer flights show movies and sometimes I’ve even seen some OK ones – although watching Chicken Little on the TV  in  the airport shuttle at 4:00 (yes, 4:00) one  morning was a little much to take.  On shorter flights, however, they can’t cram a movie in, so they show you a video which features clips from various TV shows – a little of this and a little of that – so much background noise to one’s life.

I discovered something interesting – every thirty days, the airline gets another set of videos – the North Video, the South Video, the East Video and the West Video.  So, If you’re flying south, you see the South video going and the North video coming – but if you fly south and go around the earth and come back to were you started, you’ll see the South video again – and if you kept doing that, you would never see the East or West video.

All this to say, I think sometimes we need the quiet.  The Lord says “Be still, and know that I am God.”   We need to meditate about the good things He says to us.  We need to talk with the Lord.  We need to focus on Him.  And sometimes that simply means being still.

Sometimes we need our lives framed by silence, not CNN.

5 thoughts on “A RE-POST”

  1. Totally agree on the card thingys – one month I pulled all the postage paid ones out of the two magazines I was getting at the time and mailed them (without filling them out) just so the companies ruining my magazine reading experience would have an opportunity to be annoyed as well 🙂

  2. I, too, am one who enjoys a little peace and quiet once in awhile. There is nothing wrong with silence … especially when you have a good book to read (or the Good Book to read.)

  3. Amen and amen. I *hate* CNN (or other news networks) on everywhere. Hate it. I do see it as an intrusion, and I, too, enjoy quiet. (If I need that background noise, I’d much prefer it be ESPNews. Wouldn’t everyone? 🙂 )

  4. Yeah, sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just walked up to the TV and turned it off!

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