Right now, I’m just hanging around – waiting to go get the oil changed in my car … and wondering what was in the tuna sandwich I ate (well, I ate half of it and threw the rest away because it tasted stale) at the San Francisco airport Saturday night that’s making me still feel yucky.  (And cost me $7.00!!!!!!!!!)  I have a rule never to eat things wrapped in plastic, but I broke the rule and I’m still paying for it.

Otherwise I’m half working and half taking a comp day today.  I answered a bunch of work e-mail and wrote my work blog post.

Then I cleaned the carbage (stuff like crumbs and kids’ toys left in cars) at least in the front of the car and copied some of Ken’s notes for a guy who wants to use them to teach his Bible study, and swept the floor and did the laundry – all the while wishing I hadn’t eaten that tuna sandwich.

Another thing on my TO DO list today is making reservations for the next flight I need to take – but after feeling sick for four hours in the air on Saturday and still feeling sick, I can’t get up my enthusiasm for another flight.  But eventually I’ll get there …

Oh, well … everyone has to have a Monday in their lives once in a while.

So, I’ll be thankful for the day – at least I don’t have anything major on the schedule.

Enough of that.  How’s your day?

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