I have a friend who went through something difficult this week – not life or death difficult, not even wrecked-the-car, lose-the-house-difficult, but keeps-you-up-at-night-thinking difficult.

So, we were talking and I was saying that the first couple months of 2010 haven’t been easy.  Sometimes I’ve had overwhelming moments as I stumbled through a long list of life events requiring action. To name a few: a medical situation that wasn’t serious health wise, but did require a doctor’s visit and a couple hundred dollars in bills, a dog medical problem that we have yet to solve, a car medical problem that will cost $1000 or more, a growling sump pump, a leaky sink valve … and then all those even smaller inconveniences that you need to crowd into the few hours you have off work each week like emission tests and taxes and the trip to the vet …

OK, your list is similar to mine, so you know …

One  morning this week, as I was getting ready for work, I started thinking about all the things – but instead of thinking of them in a bunch, I thought of them individually.  And you know what? Individually, they weren’t all that mind-boggling. Individually, I could handle them. Only when I thought of them in bunches did I get overwhelmed. I am also, always aware, that there are people around me every day who are facing MUCH MORE difficult things than these.

That night (after I talked to my friend), I was bringing the kids home and telling them about something as I drove. The 10yo was right with me, listening, and the 7yo and 6yo were sort of with me, but they (from the viewpoint of their window seats) were also interested in the thunderstorm that was lighting up the sky around them.

I would say something and one of the younger kids would see a bolt of lightning and yell “Whoa!”  I would continue and the other one would say, Whoa!”

Finally, the 10yo sighed and said, “Sure are a lot of random whoas in this car.”

But of courrse, it came out Random Woes.

And I started thinking that Random Woes kind of describes our life here on earth.

Yes, things happen: dogs and valves and taxes – and when we get those “fixed,” three other Random Woes will pop up.

That’s just life.  Just the way it is.

But God promises: “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” Yes, stuff is falling apart all around us, but every day is a new day in our relationship with Christ. Every day, He gives us the strength, wisdom and courage … the grace to face the Random Woes that pop up randomly and woefully.

Because after all – the woes are just random, but God’s love, comfort, peace, care, concern …. are there 24/7.  Nothing random about God’s grace.

Yes, the Random Woes will continue – this wouldn’t be life here on earth, if they didn’t.

But the 24/7 grace will also continue.

Sounds like a plan to me!

2 thoughts on “WHOA!”

  1. I visited a friend earlier today who will have a lumpectomy and then 7 weeks of radiation for cancer – very recently detected. She was unusually calm (even for her on GOOD days)! She said a couple of times, “I’m doing fine”. And she was. I said, “That’s God’s GRACE!” There was no other explanation. I affirm with you…”the 24/7 grace will also continue.”

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sometimes I think the “smaller” the problem, the quicker we forget the grace. When the big problems come, we remember.

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