1. The tour guide at Johnson’s house was excellent!  She was used to taking school tours through, so she knew how to explain things well.

2. Unlike many presidential homes, EVERYTHING at the Johnson home is original – down to the pillowcases.  The Johnsons lived there both before and after he was president. Their granddaughter lived in the house until 1956. After moving out, she served as a tourguide until 1976. She died in 1992.

3. Up until Johnson became president, the Easter Egg hunt was at the Capitol. He moved it to the White House so Eliza (who was in bad health) could see it.

4. Son Charles fell off a horse because he was drunk.

5. Daughter Mary was went home from Washington to get the house ready for the family when the presidency was over.

6. President Johnson loved children and some say they were the only people who could make him laugh.

7. Son Andrew was 18 years younger than the others and caught TB from his mother.

8. When Eliza first saw Andrew, she said to her friends, “There goes my beau.”

9. Andrew was 5’4″.  Eliza was 4’11”

10. Martha, the oldest daughter, was White House hostess because of her mother’s illness. Her husband was senator from Tennessee.

11. Eliza had an ornate box, a gift from France – which was filled with 40 lbs. of chocolate.

12. Son Charles died of a laudanum overdose.

13. The Johnsons had a good marriage. One person said, “seemed as two souls and minds merged as one.”

14. Eliza was often sick with tuberculosis – which is why she had a spittoon by her chair in the picture below.

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