Backtracking for a day – The Museum of the Confederacy is located in Richmond, Virginia and includes the White House of the Confederacy – the house where Jefferson and Varina Davis lived from August 1861 until the end of the war. At the time of the war, the mansion was owned by the city of Richmond who rented it out to the Davis’.  By the time they moved in, Jefferson was suffering from malaria, facial neuralgia, cataracts, unhealed Mexican War wounds and insomnia.

Unlike the other White House, Jefferson’s office was also in the mansion – a lively house with Margaret (6yo), Jefferson David Jr. (4yo) and Joseph (2yo). Two more children where born while they lived there.  But sadly, Joseph, the 4yo died, falling off the 15 foot high balcony.

The Davis’ left the house when Richmond was evacuated in April 2, 1865. Lincoln, who was nearby, came over and visited the empty residence, but did not go upstairs into their private quarters, thinking it would be disrespectful. Others joined him and they actually conducted some meetings. During the next few years (during Reconstruction), the White House of the Confederacy was the HQ for the military.

We visited The White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia on our last family trip before our kids were married.

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