This has been a strange week.

1. When I went to get my hair cut, I noticed a loooonnnnggg stretch limo stopped in the street. Photographers were anxiously getting pictures as fancily-dressed ladies got out of the car.  When I asked the lady who does my hair she told me that there would be a wedding at 5:00 next door in a banquet hall. The couple had just moved from New Orleans and walked in the salon earlier in the day to get their hair done for their Wednesday night (?) wedding. The bride said she didn’t care how the stylist did her hair – she would even be willing to have it cut.  Five o’clock on a Wednesday night is not common time for a wedding – nor do most brides tell someone who has never done their hair before to do whatever they wanted!

Anyhow, the couple did indeed get married – and then the bride came over to the bay window of the salon and did a little dance so we could all admire her dress and hair! Very unique and entertaining.

2. A website has been set up by a bunch of “true” atheists who, for a price will take care of your pet after you go to heaven. Not putting the site on here, but put pet and rap ture in your search engine and you’ll find it. You can pay by paypal. Couple questions about that, but I don’t think I’ll ask.

3. I stopped at McDonalds today for my tea and as I was going from the pay window to the pick-up window, a bright, yellow pick-up truck cut in front of me and stopped at the window. The truck was filled (and I mean filled) with garbage in the back and in the passenger seat.  Have no idea what the guy was doing, but they made him pull ahead and wait. When I got there, the worker was laughing and had to ask what I had ordered. I don’t know if the guy had literally not been in a McD drive thru before and didn’t know what to do or what.  Just very strange.

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