I think Spiegel Grove is the favorite of all the president houses I’ve visited – not only because I like the sense of “homeyness” in the house, but I also like Rutherford and Lucy.

In fact, as many of you know, we named our dog after Rutherford B. Hayes. (Rufferford Behave a.k.a. RB).

Spiegel Grove is the house – but the library and museum is also at the same location in Fremont, Ohio.

Spiegel Grove is on 25 acres and is actually surrounded by the original White House fence and gates. While the Hayes lived there, the library was part of the house, but after his death, 70,000 books were added along with 75,000 photographs and more than a million manuscripts.

I think one of the reasons I like the Hayes house is because you get the idea that a family lived here – and the family was close. When we were there in 1998, two of Hayes grandchildren still served on the board. (Unlike another Ohio President I’ll talk about later.)

2 thoughts on “PRESIDENT #19 – RUTHERFORD B. HAYES”

  1. I remember when my family visited there! They were very friendly, and gave us lots of information (especially since they knew mom and I were going to “be” Lucy and Fanny Hayes).

  2. Right – I have more about Hayes and I was going to mention that. I thought about you guys as I wrote 🙂

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