The library ...

The library at Spiegel Grove is one of the coolest rooms I’ve been in – in the houses I’ve visited. Because I couldn’t take pictures inside the house – this is a postcard and the color is a little off – but trust me, this was a cool room.

Fanny's bedroom with a picture above the fireplace of Fanny with her father.

Some facts we learned at the house …

1. Rutherford and Lucy’s mothers knew each other and encouaged the friendship.

2. Lucy was only 5’3″

3. Lucy had 200 pigeons and chickens to care for.

4. The Hayes and their horses are buried on the property.

5. The library had floor to ceiling bookcases with 12,000 books … and a Civil War collection.

6. The second floor of the house slept 20.

7. Fanny was their only daughter.

8. The living room was 13 feet high to accomodate a life-sized portrait of Hayes (though he wasn’t 13 feet tall!)

9. The Hayes family lived in the house for 76 years.

10. Hayes was the most “shot at” president. He was “shot at” 5 times.

11. Spiegel means “mirror” chosen because Hayes liked the look of the property after a rainstorm, with the trees, flowers and house reflected in the water.

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