Well, I guess I have too many pictures on my blog – I need to pay to get more space. I’ll work on that and figure out how to do it, I guess.

Anyhow, after CFC and I went to see the sheep being sheared we headed toward Cantigny. CFC lives in the Central Valley of California between Yosemite and San Fran. This is where most of the world’s almonds are grown and a lot of other good things, too, but the landscape there is a lot different than here.  That’s why I thought a walk in a Midwest park on a beautiful spring Saturday might be made to order.

The cool thing about Cantigny is there are three very different things to do: the war museum, McCormick’s house and the gardens. War is not on the top of my priority list, but I have always been impressed with the First Division Museum that Robert McCormick established on his property. (His Division)

Basically, the Museum walks the First Division through World War I and II, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. Exhibits from additional wars are also include.

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