I thought about posting about sump pumps and how the sump pump alarm went off last night.  Smoke was everywhere. I unplugged everything I could reach. But hey, nothing burned down. Steve put in a new sump pump and someone took the old one where we dumped it on the curb.  Wait a minute, I can feel a Dr. Suess book coming on  …   we dumped the sump pump that went bump, we dumped it in a lumpy clump. (Why anyone would want a 20- year-old, corroded sump pump, is beyond me).

But I have no enthusiasm for sump pump editorials.

So …

Backtracking to Rutherford B. Hayes.

I forgot to write about the wonderful experience we had visiting his birthplace.

This is the before and after – what the site looked like when he was born and what the site looks like now. Truly an exciting excursion.

But check out the gas prices.  This wasn’t all THAT long ago!


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