130_3050 After McKinley was assassinated at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as president at the Wilcox Mansion in downtown Buffalo.  Jeff, Cindy and crew and I visited there a few years ago. This was what I posted about the visit.

PLACE: Wilcox Mansion, downtown Buffalo, New York

WHAT IT IS: The site of Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration (after McKinley was assassinated at the Pan America130_3044n Exposition)

SHOULD-I-GO-THERE-IF-I’M-IN-THE-AREA FACTOR: Yes, if you’re interested in history. No, if your only interest is chicken wings or the Sabres.

KID FACTOR: Tough call. When we rang the door bell and the scholarly tour guide answered, I figured we were in BIG trouble with three little kids. But he was good with the130_3045m and had unbreakable things for them to hold while explaining original furniture in original rooms filled with original and  breakable stuff.

He told me he had more patience with kids than he did with adults who tried opening closed doors and touching things that shouldn’t be touched.

130_3047While we were looking at the gift shop, he brought out a wooden replica of a coal stove that someone had made for the house and actually got down on the floor to patiently show the 5yo how it worked.

Kids also received certificates at the end saying they had been through the house.

Still, an historical house is a house and kids don’t know that much about history since they don’t have much history themselves.

COOL FACTOR: You can stand only a few  feet from where the inauguration took place.

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