Had an interesting/funny discussion with the munchkins last night.

We were talking about where their parents met.

The 6yo thought they met at a park and Dad walked up to Mom and said “Will you marry me?”

The 8yr said they went to a place called Moody and there’s a college there and that’s where they met.

The 10yr (eye roll) said “Moody IS a college and that IS where they met.”

“And,” I told them, “That’s where I met  Grandpa Ken.”


“Really, truly and guess what?  That’s where Grandpa Wick met Grandma Wick.  That’s kind of unusual that both sets of grandparents met each other the same place someone’s parents met.”


“And guess what? That’s where Uncle Roger met Aunt Sally and where Uncle Dave met Aunt Carol.”


“And that’s where your Great Aunt Linda met your Great Uncle Jim.”

“Wow!’ again.

“And even though GG (great grandma) and her husband went there, they were already married when they got there.”

“Well, they certainly blew it!” (exact words)

“Well, your Wisconsin cousins’ Uncle Paul met their Aunt Toby there, too.”

The 10yo gets thoughtful. “Hmmm … if I go to Moody someday, maybe I’ll ….. well, you know.”

I know.

4 thoughts on “AND WHERE DID YOU MEET?”

  1. Yep … the infamous Moody MRS degree.

    That’s why I chose another college. LOL

    That’s quite a family history you have there though. Pretty neat.

  2. Well, you know what they say – Moody is a giant shoe factory – they take in the “souls” and send them out in pairs.

  3. No matter how many chics were found at Moody, the greatest woman of all time was found elsewhere, let us never forget that truth.

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