Well, probably not really. I’m sure there’s been a White House state dinner or some Beverly Hills wedding reception that was referenced more in cyberspace than this one – but it’s got to be right up there in the top 327.

It’s about my brother and his eggs benedict.

OK – I have this brother (I said that already.)

And my brother has a friend who has a cooking blog.

And my brother’s friend with the cooking blog has a friend who is a chef at a classy, gourmet-type restaurant.

My brother does not cook. My brother doesn’t have to cook because he married well. He has a wife who’s an excellent cook, so there’s no reason for my brother to cook. But since my brother does things on his blog like analyze Pop-Tart flavors and set goals for himself like visiting every remaining Dog and Suds in the nation – his friend of the cooking blog thought setting him up for a cooking lesson with the chef-in-a-classy-restaurant would be fun, or at least interesting.  The chef said “sure.”  My brother said “sure.”

What Roger learned to cook was Eggs Benedict in Bourbon Bearnaise Sauce, Asparagus, and Pineapple Salad with Poblano Peppers and Lime Juice. Jim Jordan, photographer extraordinaire, was on hand to record the event.

Hence the first flurry of blogs about my brother’s foray into the kitchen.

My brother’s

Jim, the photograher’s

The cooking friend’s blog

And even the restaurant’s FaceBook page.

When Roger was done, the chef gave him a check so he could replicate the experience for our mom for a Mother’s Day brunch. This also included, of course, his wife and youngest daughter. In addition, he invited me, his sister and and Steve and Kelli, his niece and nephew-in-law. (He also invited their kids – but the kids had their own gourmet meal – you’ll see.) And the meal took place at three, so technically, I don’t think you could call it a brunch … however, this was solely due to the fact that we were coming from church services in three different towns -not my brother’s cooking.

So, he was on his own. No chef to help him (though Kelli and Sally pitched in just a tad – a very small tad.) No professional photographer to record the event. No step by step instructions, just a few pages of handwritten notes.

And everything went wonderfully and deliciously well. The sauce sauced, the eggs poached, the asparagus nourished and the pineapple added a tangy, fruity addition.

Once again, my brother blogged about the adventure.

As did I.

Here is my own visual take on the day. (You will notice that my brother is starting a new pursuit – how many meals he can make while wearing a green shirt.)

take on the day.

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