1. Crazy week.

2. Have a young friend who is working in Scotland with Greater Europe Mission. She posted some pictures on FaceBook tonight. One of the Starbucks (I think in Glasgow) had this on the signboard:  Question of the day – In what American state is the Grand Canyon located? (I wonder what you got if you knew the answer.)

3. I have another overdue book. At least I’m consistent.

4. I really don’t like it when you go to a business to have them do something and the person there tries to talk you in to doing something you don’t want to do.  If I wanted to spend three times as much money, I would’ve come in with the plan. Just listen to me and do what I ask. I’m the client.

5. My neighbor’s 10 year old is having a slumber party tonight – Ten little boys running around the neighborhood.

6. Attended a very elegant high tea today  (I was invited by a special lady) with shrimp cocktail, little tart-sized quiches, hot scones and delicate cakes.  I drank iced tea, but soft drinks were also served. When the sweet, efficient, friendly server refilled my ice tea, she did so with diet coke. That first swallow was quite a taste sensation – especially since I was expecting iced tea.  (Imagine half iced tea, half diet coke.)  But not wanting to embarrass the server, I managed to keep it quiet.

7. OK. This is funny, but also a little scary. The dog knows how to open the back door. Yes, literally, how to open it. He jumps up and unlatches it and then walks in and wags his tail as if to say, “Here I am!”  How did he learn this? We did not give him back-door-opening lessons. Did he just watch us for the past six years, all the time thinking, “I can do that.”  I’ll have to take a picture of him to prove it.

8. I refuse to put the AC on before June.

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