As anyone who has been around any kid knows, the latest trend is SillyBandz.

These are rubber bands in shapes of animals, letters, spaceships, etc. Kids wear several at a time – as bracelets – which create bumpy, colorful jewelry. But when they take the rubber bands off, the bands return to their original shape.

One store in our neighborhood sold out 100 packages in three hours.

Anyhow – Lauri, my Pennsylvania friend gave a couple of the bracelets to each of the kids whom she teaches in preschool.

A couple days later one little boy came back with a band on his arm, but it was a different color than the others and Lauri didn’t recognize it.

“Did you get some more bracelets?” she asked.

“Oh, no,” he said, “My brother traded me one of his for one of mine.”

“What did he gave you?” Lauri was puzzled.

“A potato.” The boy announced, taking off his bracelet.

And proudly showed Lauri a regular, old rubber band.

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