Well, I have this place in my yard that is elevated and walled and was designed by my husband as a showcase for beautiful and flowering plants.  Unfortunately for the past three years the beautiful and flowering plants never happened – except for a rose bush bravely poking through the weeds and oh, what weeds they were. One year three able-bodied twenty-somethings had to dig a couple of the weeds out for me. (Where do these things come from?) The weeds were about six feet high and 4 inches across.

Some years I had the motivation, but not the time and by last summer the beautifully-walled space looked a chaotically-walled jungle.

I determined this wouldn’t happen again – but ha!  Before I could even find five minutes to get to Home Depot, I had foot-high grass covering every inch of that space – well, with the exception of my wild and wonderful-quickly-mutliplying mint plants which seemed to not care about the weeds.

I knew if something was going to happen this year, this would be the weekend it MUST be done. Anything later and this truly wouldn’t happen. I wish I had taken a before picture at the beginning of the weekend to prove what it looked like, but alas, I didn’t.

All weekend, I’ve been weed pulling … little by little.

I was out there again at eight this morning in the hot, humid stifling weather. By noon I felt like I couldn’t pull one more weed. I gathered the troops and we headed for Home Depot ( and McDonalds) and then were waylaid about 45 minutes by a thunderstorm. The moment the last roar of thunder sounded in the distance, we were out there once more.

By two o’clock, my troops were sagging.

But … we kept at it for two more hours.

And this is what we had at the end of the day.

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