1. Yesterday was a weird day.

2. Yesterday was the foggiest commute to work I have ever had.  I’ve had other foggy mornings, but usually just for portions of my drive. Yesterday the fog settled in door to door – with the fog in the middle of my commute so bad, that if I didn’t know the road so well, I wouldn’t have known where the traffic lights were.

3. My Children’s Lit College Professor (Grace College, Winona Lake) contacted me on FaceBook this weekend. Haven’t been in contact with her since I was in college – way back before kids! I truly enjoyed her class – both the subject matter and the prof!

4. Someone from the Moody Alumni office called me because someone called them looking for my dad. They couldn’t get to my dad, so they thought they’d try me.

5. A baby possum was running across the lawn this morning – he was very tiny – about the size of a hamster.  RB bravely went running after him, but then squealed to a stop because he quickly caught up.  I called the dog off because I really didn’t want him to bring it to me at the backdoor. The possum made an escape.

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