Some facts about Calvin Coolidge.

1. His drink of choice was a soda named Moxie.

2. Both Calvin and his wife, Grace, liked to hunt. Sometimes they went turkey hunting in Cuba.

3.Calvin played the harmonica.

4. Grace Coolidge, (one of my favorite first ladies) was an elegant and charming lady whom everyone loved – well, not quite everyone. Florence Harding (remember her?) couldn’t stand her. Grace was the opposite of her quiet husband – but they had a great marriage, free from scandal.  President Coolidge wrote in his autobiography: We thought we were made for each other. For almost a quarter of a century she has borne with my infirmities, and I have rejoiced in her graces.

5. Before meeting Grace Goodhue, Coolidge said he didn’t think he’d ever marry because he didn’t really need a wife. Then he met the beautiful and charming Grace. His proposal was not a question, but a statement. You will be married to me.

6. Grace was an intelligent woman who was fascinated with sign language. At the time she met Calvin, she was a teacher of the deaf.

7. No presidential family outdid them pet wise. They had: eleven dogs, seven birds, three cats, two raccoons, a wallaby, bobcat and a donkey.

8.The Coolidges had two sons: Calvin Jr. and John. Grace was basically a stay-at-home mom, but both Coolidges were said to be busy, involved parents.

9. When Calvin Jr. was 18, he developed a blister while playing tennis on the White House lawn in his barefeet. The bluster got infected and eventually killed him. Some have said neither of the Coolidges were ever the same again.

10. John was a successful businessman and died in the year 2000.

11. Grace Coolidge’s only public address was “Good-bye.”

2 thoughts on “PRESIDENT #30 – CALVIN COOLIDGE”

  1. I first heard of Moxie five days ago! Kellen L. had a root beer taste test on Memorial Day, and Moxie was one of the contenders. It came in last.

  2. Well, I guess I won’t run out and get some then. I don’t remember ever having any, though I’ve heard of it. There was one story where something major happened in the country and Coolidge said, “I need a drink” and he was talking about Moxie!

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