A funny story about Herbert Hoover.

One of the things I collect is books about First Ladies – and sometimes Presidents, too. Of course, like anyone collecting books, autographed copies are the best.

Ken and I were at a bookstore in the U.P. that specialized in rare/autographed books. We were on vacation and slowly meandered through the store, looking at what they had. We saw books by Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford (I can’t remember exactly who), and these were all fairly expensive – but at the time, they were also all alive and capable of signing more books.

But then we saw one by Herbert Hoover and it wasn’t quite as expensive, which seemed funny because he wasn’t alive and so couldn’t sign additional books – his book also was older – since he was president many years ago.

So I took it up to the counter and I asked, “How come the Jimmy Carter book is this much, but the Herbert Hoover one is quite a bit less expensive? Jimmy Carter is still around signing books and Herbert Hoover isn’t so.”

The clerk shrugged and answered, “I guess books signed by the director of the FBI just aren’t as valuable as books signed by presidents.”

I didn’t look at Ken and Ken didn’t look at me, but he did get out his wallet and we bought the book.

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