I took the day off work to take care of some things I need to take care of and it turned into a fun day.

Kelli and the munchkins went out to breakfast with me and then I made a couple other stops looking for a USA today. I wanted a copy because the paper featured an article on Malachi Dads/Awana LifeLine.  Malachi Dads started in Angola Prison, once the bloodiest prison in America. The goal of Malachi Dads is to encourage fathers to take responsibility for parenting their children and change the trend of children following their dads to prison to  a new trend of children growing up, knowing they are loved by their dads. Fathers who prove themselves through Bible studies, etc. can be part of a Returning Hearts Celebration where children are allowed on the prison grounds for a day of fun and games … but most of all, a day they can spend with their fathers. The Malachi Dads program has been so successful, it has spread to many other prisons.

Please take time to watch the video on the USA Today site.

Unfortunately, finding a USA Today isn’t as easy as it once was, so we stopped at the Hampton Inn. Having stayed at countless Hampton Inns in my life, I know they give out USA Todays to their customers. I told them at the front desk that I was a H.I. fan who lived in town, but needed a USA Today and could I buy one from them. They just gave me one, which I thought was nice – not that it was that much or anything, but still …

Anyhow, check out the video/article. The Lord has truly changed the hearts of many of these men who are serving life sentences for murderous crimes.


Then K. and the munchkins and I headed for the outlet mall, did some shopping, etc.

So a good vacation day.

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