Sometime life moments are simply … fun.

And today had some of those moments.

About two months ago, Sue, a friend from work, asked if I wanted to go to a cooking class with her.  Her son and daughter-in-law had gotten her a gift certificate to a gourmet kitchen shop. Well, actually they gave her a certificate good for two classes so that she could “take that friend from work,” and wouldn’t have to go alone.

Of course, I wanted to go. We had our choice of several classes including some that didn’t seem to fit our current eating habits and others that sounded delicious, but didn’t fit into our current schedule.

We chose today’s class – a basic dinner.

So, early this morning we headed down to Chicago. The shop is tucked in between two taller buildings on North Clark, shaded by a large tree and noticed for the nine-foot wooden spoon hanging out front.

The class had twelve students sitting in a half circle around the chef. First he went over the ingredients of the different dishes and then he divided us into groups. Sue and I were grouped with a super nice young married lady who wants to learn to cook this summer while her husband is doing an internship in California.

Our menu was:

Field greens and prosciutto with goat cheese crostini

Cheddar-crusted chicken breasts

Greek potatoes

Grilled asparagus tossed with garlic and red peppers

Red-velvet cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting

Sue, Lisa and I were assigned the field greens and prosciutto and the goat cheese crostini and had a lot of fun making it together.

Let’s just say – the finished meal was delicious!

Two comments – like I said, we did miss some of the tips the chef gave other groups when he walked around. Also, the recipes we got were not truly step-by-step which was ok when we were there with the chef – but not ok for duplicating at home.

Other than that, it was a great experience.

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