Doing two blogs can catch up to me sometimes – especially when I read this week that you need to spend from one to three hours a day if you want a good blog. Well, that’s not going to happen any time soon. I have to do other things like spray the hornet nest that said hornets decided to build in the apple tree (my activity tonight).

But I do have some fun ideas for the future.

It’s taking some time to initiate them though, so meanwhile, I decided to invite someone else to guest blog for me.

Now, some families are musical and some families are mathematicians … but I come from a word family. So, it would only make sense when looking for someone to share words that I would go to a family member. Especially since you can trust family members – at least most of the time.

Only problem is, many members of my family are already bloggers and have been so for many years. (I think Jeff has the record at about five and a half years of straight blogging.)

But I found one – I found a family member who is NOT doing a blog and who was willing to be a guest blogger on my blog for awhile.

So stay tuned (or whatever the online equivalent of staying tuned is.)

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