Stores and Restaurants

Jeff quickly figured out that my “love language” is food, and lots of it.  Nothing says romance to me more than a meal at Burger King.  And that’s why I’m not too bothered about living in Rhinelander.  I can make the rounds at all the basic fast food joints, like McDee’s, Burger King, and Hardees.  Once in a while we’ll splurge and go for the all-you-can-eat buffet at Pizza Hut.  Yes, life in a small town ain’t all that bad. 

I do have to admit, though, that I miss the abundance of choices found in bigger cities.  Somehow all my family members have picked up on which restaurant I want to frequent when visiting.  My parents automatically take me to my favorite Gyro place in Racine.  And Linda and Kelli know about my deep love for Chicago-style pizza.  I know they love me because they get me good food!

Likewise, the shopping around Rhinelander meets my needs.  I’m a clearance shopper, and I’m ok with that.  You can choose between Wal-Mart, Shopko, JcPenny’s, and now Kohls.  So we’re certainly not out in the boonies, but we have limited choices. 

Why I like the situation in Rhinelander:

1) You save money because there’s nothing to spend your money on.

2) There really are not too many people in the stores or restaurants. 

The second benefit is huge to me.  I am increasingly discovering that I do not like crowds of people, meaning more than 5 individuals in one place.  When I travel to larger cities, I feel claustrophobic.  Honestly, I really don’t like it.  I can’t believe how many people jam into one restaurant. Or how many people are driving on the roads.  4 cars in a row is a traffic jam here. (Unless it’s summer, and everyone from Illinois is in Rhinelander.)

So, sure, we don’t have a lot of choices.  But I can’t imagine myself living in a bigger city.  I’ll just visit one a couple of times a year for fantastic pizza. . . and family.

3 thoughts on “Stores and Restaurants”

  1. So true! When I hear you guys are coming I instantly think, “Oh, good! Let’s take Cindy to pizza and Portillo’s!” 🙂

  2. Pizza and Portillos are our two most requested restaurants when we visit IL, too. I’m drooling just thinking about them.

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