Career Choices

Jeff and I finally felt like we were part of the local crowd in Rhinelander when we got a part-time job cleaning resorts.  Everyone we talked to here, at one time or another, cleaned resorts, and it’s kind of seen as an initiation into Northwoods life.

Our other choices were lumberjacking (too dangerous), working at the paper mill (too smelly), secretarial work at the hospital (I’d surely mess up someone’s paper work), or becoming a small business owner (we don’t know how to do anything).

So cleaning resorts it is.  And you know, it can be kind of fun at times.  My husband and I can work together, make a nice little paycheck, and have someone else watch our kids.  We’ve got it going on! 

Today, however, was 87 degrees, humid, and not as fun!  And the kids got to spend the whole day on the water with friends.  They went canoeing, swimming, and made sand castles, while Jeff and I cleaned four houses.  And there were thousands of these little white bugs that apparently just hatched.

But all in all, it’s not too bad.  We work at a really gorgeous resort and also clean vacation homes that are crazy beautiful, with owners who tip rather nicely.  Could be worse.

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