The White Stag

Jeff’s Uncle Roger, Aunt Sally, and Lindy will be arriving soon, and we’ll all head off for a Massey/Weddle family tradition–the White Stag, which is a steak place Roger has been eating at for many years.  He likes to tell us that a steak dinner used to cost him $5 there.  Alas, the same dinner now runs you $15.

But it’s worth it every once in a while.  This time we’re bringing our son, Jacob.  Normally, a steak place would be the last place we’d bring our children, but it’s a special treat.  Our daughters, along with their cousin, are going to visit their grandparents next week.  Poor Jacob gets left out once again.  It’s hard being the only boy. 

So, steak he gets.  Jacob loves steak.  He has not been able to concentrate on anything else but going to the steak place with Mom and Dad since yesterday afternoon.  Please, please, Uncle Roger and Aunt Sally come quickly.

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