Somewhere across the ocean, my son was celebrating his birthday on this day (June 27th)

(SCOTLAND FACT: The sun doesn’t go down until forever. To get a sunset picture, you need to be out between 10:00 and 11:00.)

Yes, even though the time was growing late, you can see by these pictures that the sun was still shining and you felt like it was only about five or six o’clock.

We meandered down the road a little further to the Robert Burns Memorial (the Scottish poet).

And then a little further so we could get a good view of Holyrood Palace. I would’ve enjoyed touring the palace – they are preparing for Queen Elizabeth’s annual visit. (I think she is to arrive this week sometime.) When she’s present, they fly the flag at half mast.

And here is DG posing in a phone booth.

Down the street a little further I saw my first Scottish bird. I am guessing this is a European Magpie. I know I have the magpie correct and since I am in Europe, I’m guessing that part is also correct, but my brother will have to tell me if I really do have the bird correctly identified.

The street scene is looking down Regent Street toward the city centre.

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