My body is here at my house, but my brain is still in Scotland.

Which is why I am wide awake at 3:00 in the morning, which wouldn’t be so bad, but that means I’ve only had four hours of sleep since 11:00 Tuesday night. This WILL catch up to me.

Meanwhile, I’ll post a post (but don’t be surprised if my words come out sdrawkcab.)

(Thanks to my favorite daughter-in-law for being guest blogger while I was gone. You did a great job, Cindy! )

So, this all started last fall when a friend called and said that she and two other friends were going to Scotland and did I want to go, too?

(I have known these three co-trippees for a VERY long time – one since she was in grade school and the other two since college.  I will call them RM (roommate), FG (flower girl) and DG (dream girl – since it was her dream that motivated us to actually GO to Scotland in the first place). By the way, the co-trippees also have REAL names.) Yes, I know I used too many parentheses in that sentence and the editing team would go crazy, but hey, I’m on vacation.

My immediate answer was “yes.” I did not even take 49 seconds to think about it. I would GO!  After a lot of talking and thinking and MULLing it over, we decided to go on a Rick Steve’s Europe through the Back Door tour. (You might have seen Rick’s TV show, however, we of course didn’t see Rick in person, but had a wee Scottish tour guide named Anne.)

So, after planning and saving and planning and saving some more, we met at the airport on the appointed day.  At this point, we were calling ourselves ME AND THE OTHER THREE.  But our name instantly and unexpectedly changed when we got to Scotland.

(Side note for people who do not travel internationally that much. We took Aer Lingus and let me say, this is the most entertaining plane I have ever taken. We all had our own individual screens with a selection of several movies, tv shows, games, and music. They even have it all divided into kid/adult entertainment. Mostly I played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – though the questions had a European twist, so I didn’t do all that well. The other cool thing was the flight information which told you how far, how high and how fast you were going, a feature made even cooler by watching the little airplane move from Point A to Point B across the Atlantic. You do have to get past the creepy cartoon figure acting out the safety instructions, however.)

The Irish farmland is beautiful and very different from say, flying over Iowa farmland. Iowa farmland is unique in its own way, but the Irish fields are defined by hedgerows.  To me, the landscape looked like a little kid’s drawing where each field was outlined with dark crayon.

After a eight hour flight, we arrived in Dublin, Ireland where we had a six hour layover.

Six hours in an airport? I did some picture taking. (Remember, this was our first day, so I was still excited enough to be taking pictures of things like people’s feet  – but the scenery does get MUCH better.)

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