“There is no habitation of human beings in this world so fine in its way….as this, the capital of Scotland.”
Andrew Carnegie

Strolling down High Street – the Royal Mile.

*The Scotty in the window of a shoppe was kind of cute.

*The John Knox house is now the Storytelling Centre. We did not have time to check it out, but there is John Knox memorabilia inside.

(SCOTLAND FACT: The goal of John Knox was to have a church and school in every town and village – unheard of back in the 1500s. The emphasis on church and education resulted in men and women who had creative, world-changing ideas. Recently a list of the 100 most influential people was released (I forgot by whom). This included people who did good and those who did bad. Although Scotland has a small percentage of the world’s population – 8% of the people were Scottish and all the Scots listed did well. In fact, percentage wise, more inventions have come out of Scotland than any other nation including: chloroform, penicillin, bicycles and the telephone!)

*The World’s End Pub – named because that used to be the spot where “the world” met the Flodden Wall of Edinburgh. In other words, this was where the world ended and Edinburgh began.

*Adam Smith was a moral philosopher and author of The Wealth of Nations. He is said to be the founder of economics.

*David Hume was the author of the six volume History of England and a philosopher.

*Deacon Brodie Tavern is named after (this will surprise you) Deacon Brodie, a famous cabinetmaker and a member of the Town Council. But when he made the cabinets, he would make duplicates of the locks – and then come back later and burglarize the homes. His two different lives were the basis for the book: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

*Starbucks – the old and the new.

*St. Giles Cathedral is often thought of as the mother church of Presbyterianism and was the church of John Knox who is buried somewhere nearby, but it is not known exactly where. The church has a 900 year history and regular services are still held.

*The Heart of Midlothian is a heart-shaped mosaic that marks the spot of the “tolbooth” of Edinburgh which included a prison, execution chamber and administrative center of the town. (No, not all on the exact little spot.) For some reason, people spit on the heart for good luck. Just for the record, I didn’t bother.

*A wedding was happening while we were in St. Giles square – and the bride was being photographed kicking up her feet to show off her purple tennis shoes and wildly colored purple socks.

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