“My dear Sir, do not think that I blaspheme when I tell you that your great London, as compared to Dun-
Edin[burgh], ‘mine own romantic town’, is as prose compared to poetry, or as a great rumbling, rambling, heavy
Epic compared to a Lyric, brief, bright, clear, and vital as a flash of lightning.”
Charlotte Bronte, letter 1850

We were hungry.

We walked back down to the Royal Mile looking for a place to eat and instead found some cool street entertainment – a guy from Ireland that seemed to talk a lot and do some tricks in between.

We then wandered up and down the street looking for a restaurant that had outside seats, but instead ended up going back to The World’s End for fish and chips.

And once again, one of us attempted to order lemonade – this time, she received Sprite. When we asked the server said, “yes, that’s Sprite – that’s what we call lemonade.”

Yes, this long, long day is coming to a close, but when we got back to the hotel, we decided to end the day with dessert.

RM had sticky toffee pudding (something offered at most restaurants and which she tried at several – all different. To me, it looked like the tiramisu of Scotland.) I had a concoction called Iced chocolate and hazelnut meringue roulade with rum and raisin ice cream.

(As you hear about all the fancy dinners we went to and all the delicious food we ate, could I just say NOW, that I did NOT gain weight on this trip, but in fact, lost five pounds – just goes to show that exercise does the trick 🙂

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