The next morning we were introduced to our amiable bus driver, Russell, who was tall and thin and always wore a hat – well, at least most of the time he wore a hat and when he took it off for supper one night, we had to look at him a few seconds before we realized who it was.

And we headed out of Edinburgh.  (By the way, these pictures were all taken through the bus window – not exactly a crystal clear view.)

Here’s a typical street – notice Edinburgh Castle on the hill.

Notice the windows on the far right – they are actually painted on the building because at one time people were taxed on the number of windows they had.

Even the signs are fascinating in Scotland. Who wouldn’t want to go to Berwick upon the Tweed? Not sure what it is. (Oh, wait, I can look it up. It’s a town.) But doesn’t it just sound like a place you’d want to have high tea?

(SCOTLAND FACT: Race horse owners often buy oats from Scotland – the long daylight hours and no pollution result in a good harvest.)

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