After walking along the River Braan in the Hermitage woods, we headed to the quaint, victorian village of Pitlochry. Actually it was Queen Victoria herself who enjoyed the area and often vacationed there. (circa 1842)  Since that time the town has been a popular tourist spot.

(SCOTLAND FACT: Hotel lobbies are called “receptions” as in, I’m going to the reception.)

*We stayed at Fishers House and once we got settled in, we went down to the lobby to introduce our buddies. Remember RG (Random Guy) who became my buddy the first night in Edinburgh. Well, we had to find out about each other so we could introduce each other to the group. OK, what are the chances of this? Turns out he wasn’t all that random – his kids grew up in Awana and he was an Awana leader! Truly. We found some other things in common too like his dad knew my dad!

*Me and the Other Three headed down to Victoria’s Cafe. I can’t remember what I had to eat, but I remember it was good. I do remember the desserts, however, because I took pictures. 🙂

(SCOTLAND FACT: Restaurants give you tablespoons to eat with – rather than teaspoons. I think they use teaspoons just for tea.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: Many restaurants have early bird specials (which are often quite crowded) where you choose two or three courses for a set price.)

*After supper, DG and I took a walk down the main street of Pitlochry and up a hill. Truly, a charming town, the type you read about in novels ( and doesn’t Pitlochry sound like a name of a town you’d read about in a novel?)

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