A crannog is a house on a loch – found in Scotland and Ireland. The homes were round and built on real or man-made islands and date back to the earliest centuries. The crannogs on Loch Tay were timber built, supported on stilts driven into the lochs.  Not only did crannogs offer protection from human enemies, but also from wild animals that roamed the Highlands. Tools used to build the crannogs were surprisingly sophisticated. We saw a demonstration of three different types of lathes (bow, pole and spinning) by Daniel, our guide.

As we drove around Scotland, we saw other islands that obviously once housed a crannog.

(SCOTLAND FACT: Bagpipes were originally played to frighten wolves.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: Gaelic is still spoken.  For awhile children who dared speak Gaelic at school were smacked, but now there is new interest in preserving the language.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: The ancient name for Scotland is Caledonia.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: Potatoes are sometimes called tatties.)


Kids start school in August.

Get off a week in October for the tattie harvest – though obviously a lot of kids in Scotland don’t harvest tatties – so that sounds like a good deal.

Get off two weeks at Christmas.

Get off two weeks at Easter.

Get off seven weeks in summer.)

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