We stopped at Killiecrankie Pass which was the site of a huge battle between the Jacobites and some Highlanders called the Orange Covenanters. The center of attention is Soldiers Leap which is where one frightened soldier jumped 18 feet across a gorge to escape from the thundering army behind him.

The circle in front of the visitor’s center shows how far 18 feet really is.  Then we walked up a hill and through some woods to the actual spot.

Now, a champion long jump today is 25ft or more, but I guess when you’re competing at a sporting event with crowds cheering, you feel differently than when you’re in the woods with the enemy close behind. Anyhow, his 18foot leap made history.

(Somewhere near this place, we passed the woods in front of JK Rowlings house – but I don’t know what out-of-the-bus-window-blurred photo it is, so forget it.)

The spot where the leaper leaped.get it.)

I also saw some birds at the Killiecrankie Pass: a woodpigeon, a chaffinch and a great tit. (Moments like these, I wished I had brought my telephoto lens.)

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