(SCOTLAND FACT: We all know they drive on the wrong side of the road in Scotland – OK, I’m sure they’d say WE drive on the wrong side – but what we don’t think about is walking across the street when the cars are opposite from what we’re used to. We are truly creatures of habit – and after almost walking out in front of a car the first day, we were very, VERY careful.)

That night we stayed at the Waterside along the River Ness in Inverness: one of several hotels lined up next to each other. Our room was in the back and very pink. Pink beds, pink flowers and a view of the neighbor’s not-pink backyard. The hotel was down from the Inverness Castle (see picture on top of page). However, we did not walk UP to the castle because we were told it wasn’t worth walking up to.

This was one of the meals we ate together as a group – in the hotel restaurant. I had chicken stuffed with mushroom and spinach (could totally get used to this delicious and beautifully plated food) with beet chips. (Yes, like red beets in potato chip form – good taste.)

Afterwards we headed out for a walk and ended up with some other tour people at the Hootenannie where a band was scheduled to play some Scottish music – not like a band band, but a group of musicians improvising). The group of instruments included an accordian, a fiddle, a cello, a guitar, etc. Fascinating. (Ken would’ve loved it.)

In the cool of the evening, we headed back to the hotel.

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