Just a mile from Culloden is an ancient burial ground with stones dating back to BC times. Anne took us all inside an ancient stone circle and explained what we were seeing and that every 22 years the sun dances on the stones. (I was just wondering who stands there to know that this is something that ONLY happens every 22 years.)  Then we wandered around exploring. Unfortunately, this was during a rather major downpour, so the exploration was rather quick. Anne and Russel (Scotland’s best bus driver) also arranged a light picnic for us to try some typical Scottish foods such as oat cakes, cheese, etc. She also had Irn Bru – but I had already done my tasting of bubblegum soda.

(SCOTLAND FACT: Even though the Scottish make great brewed hot tea (and I had more than a wee bit of tea), they do not make iced tea. Kelli warned me about this because she found the same thing in Ireland last year.  In one place, RM asked the server if he had iced tea and he said something like, “Well, I could mix an ice cube with a tea bag.”  We told him we’d have hot tea.)

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