As we drove through Skye, Anne played us some Scottish music!

That was fun.

If you’d like to hear some of it, I found these three artists/groups on iTunes.

Karen Matheson.

Runrig (If you want to get just one of their songs, I would suggest the Hampden remix of Loch Lomand)

Red Hot Chilli Pipers. (Funny, hunh?) I would get their Flower of Scotland and Auld Lang Syne.

(SCOTLAND FACT: Scotland doesn’t really have a National Anthem, but Flower of Scotland is the song you hear played at sporting events, etc.)

(SCOTLAND FACT: You might wonder what they don’t adopt God Save the Queen. Hmmm … it might be that second verse which people DON’T sing anymore, but still … people remember it.

Lord grant that Marshal Wade

May by thy mighty aid

Victory bring.

May he sedition hush,

And like a torrent rush,

Rebellious Scots to crush.

God save the Queen!)

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