I am not done with sharing my Scotland trip (and in the process, writing my own journal of my time there), but meanwhile – I just arrived home from a quick trip to Northern Georgia. (Well, everything about it was quick except for the journey home – a total of eight hours from being dropped off at the airport to arriving at my front door – and I could actually add an hour to that since it was an hour to the airport from the place where I was staying. The flight itself was only 1 hour and 23 minutes – all the rest was spent waiting and waiting and waiting …  Did you ever watch 150 suitcases come around a carousel literally one at a time?)  But the good news – we were the last plane allowed to leave the Atlanta airport and fly north to the Midwest before they canceled flights because of the severe weather coming through (halfway between there and here).  So at least I GOT home.

Otherwise, the trip was fantastic. Brian and Carolyn were fantastic hosts and I met a lot of great people with GREAT ideas! But the time there was fast-paced and busy. Normally I do four or five different workshops at one place – this time I did the same presentation in four different places.

I spoke in Dallas, Georgia at Picketts Hill on Thursday night.

In Fort Olglethorp on Friday morning.

In Dalton at Welcome Hill (isn’t that a cool name?) on Friday night.

And on Saturday morning I was in Cartersville.

Again – great people with great ideas.

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