In every place, where there is any thing worthy of observation, there should be a short printed directory for strangers.
James Boswell in The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides 1773 (The Isle of Skye is in the north most Inner Hebrides)

I thought this sign was quite succinct.

Up the road from the Old Man of Storr is Kilt Rock. (Many people say that Skye is the most beautiful area in a beautiful country. I agree!) The Rock is named Kilt Rock because (drumroll!) it looks like the pleats of a kilt.  The observation point is also quite windy – in fact I have a picture of Me and Two of the Other Three looking like we are being blown off the observation point. They warned me against posting it – but not to worry – I don’t want it posted either. 🙂 The rock stands 200 feet above the sea (and during these past couple ninety degree plus days, I wish I were once again standing there!)  Notice that the sun was out and the sky at least somewhat blue at this point in the day.

This is a popular tourist spot and the observation area was crowded when we were there – so I did not get the clear picture of the waterfall (in the foreground) that I would’ve liked – but you can still see it.

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