Somewhere in my rainy, Fourth of July pictures, I believe we passed The Five Sisters of Kintail. And since there are mountains in this picture, I am guessing this is the five-sister picture.

However,  I don’t know for sure, because suddenly (according to my notes) I found myself multi-tasking. See, Anne got us singing patriotic songs in honor of the Fourth (July, not the Firth).  Alas, this was not a bus that seemed to enjoy singing all that much and when we did finally get going on a song, seemed that the back of the bus was singing a different song than the front of the bus (that’s the people on the bus, not the bus itself) – so at one time there was an interesting medley of America the Beautiful and This Land Is Your Land.

Also, at this point in my detailed notes, I discovered that one of the fellow tour members was a curriculum specialist for the Dallas School System and I started interviewing her. So there is an interesting mix of Sisters-of-Kintail-biggest-challenge-for-sixth-grader facts – all to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

So, you’ll have to trust me about those mountains.

The Five Sisters of Kintail are Munro Mountain Peaks. (A Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3,000 feet high.)

See, once upon a time (so it’s said), there were seven Kintail sisters.  Two brothers sailed into Loch Duich from some faraway land and fell madly in love with the younger two sisters. Dad Kintail was a little upset that they chose the youngest daughters instead of the older ones and refused to allow the brothers to marry. But the brothers solemnly promised that they had five other brothers at home. They would take their new wives to their own country and send back the other five brothers. The father agreed. The two brothers married the sisters and left town … and were never heard from again. The five sisters waited and waited and waited … and finally turned into stone.  Their feet ended up in the loch and their heads in the clouds.

OK. Back to Yankee Doodle.

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