Scotland has a blue and white flag – a white X on a blue background.  One article I read said the background was Pantone 300 which I thought was interesting since we deal with Pantone colors at work. (Pantone is the international color coding system.)

Make that one of two flags. The blue flag is called St. Andrews flag or the Saltire. This is the national flag and the one flown from government buildings. (I would think it is also the easiest one to draw if you’re doing a kids’ craft about Scottish flags.)  If you look at the Union Jack – you will see that it is made up of the Scottish and English flags.

According to legend, St. Andrew (as in disciple) was crucified on an x-shaped cross and since St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, their flag honors him.  I read at least three background legends which are too detailed and too similar to explain – but if you’re interested, they’re out there.

Scotland also has a red and yellow flag. This is called The Royal Flag and is used by kings and queens and other sundry royalty. This is also the flag waved at sporting events.

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