Our goal that evening was Oban (pronounced Obin). Oban is the Gaelic word for Little Bay and Oban is a beautiful town which sits on Oban bay in the Firth of Lorn. Several Victorian, gray brick bed and breakfasts were in a line along one side of the water – our group had to split in two because of space restrictions and Me and the Other Three stayed in the Barriemore.

Outside, the rain still poured, but we were hungry and knew we had a fairly lengthy walk in front of us in order to get supper. We chose a restaurant and then asked our host if the restaurant was a good choice. “Yes,” he told us and quickly dialed the number and called someone he knew at the restaurant to make reservations for us. So we braved the wind and rain and headed downtown to the EE – usk (the Greek word for fish). When we gave the name of our B&B host and said he had made reservations, we were led to great seats right along the window looking out over the bay.

I had prawns and salmon in mornay sauce and it was SUPER DELICIOUS!

Afterwards, we headed back to our B&B in some chilly wind and misty rain – but in the distance, we could see the sun attempting to break through.

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