The next morning we woke, hoping for sunshine, but alas … more rain.  This was the day we were to take the 45 minute ferry to Mull, ride across Mull in a bus and get on another ferry for a 10 minute ride to Iona. For some, this was the highlight of the entire trip and we were quite concerned that the ferries would be cancelled.

We started the day with tea (always tea – good tea, but HOT tea), toast and marmalade. Seems like marmalade was offered at every breakfast, but I like marmalade and Scottish marmalade was extra good, (or maybe it tasted so good because I was eating it in Scotland).  We actually had marmalade at our house a lot when I was growing up because my dad liked it. (Maybe it was because of his Scottish roots.)

Anyhow, we drank our tea, ate our toast and watched the raindrops splash against the window.  We then bundled up and walked back downtown to the place where we were to catch the ferry.

Yes, it was running.  The boat was large with a lot of indoor seating, but I wanted to go outside. I wanted to see the land and the sea and to breathe the fresh, Scottish air. Which sort of worked – but the fresh Scottish air became very wet and most people went inside.  I wasn’t worried about me, but I was concerned about my camera, so I found a fairly protected nook where I could still peer out, but wasn’t getting completely drenched. Erin, the youngest member of our tour, braved out the weather with me. Sticking it out was worth it.

Truly. How many times do you get to float between two points – with a castle on one and a lighthouse on another?  And how many times do you get to see a black-backed seagull soaring through the clouds?

A very rainy, but very cool experience.

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