For several years we’ve had Discover Awana groups coming to Headquarters during the summer. Usually these were a variety of leaders from around the country, often several from one area coming together.

This year we decided to do something different and invite just Sparks directors/leaders for this week for intense training on Sparks. What a great group of people! Very passionate about their work and very creative.

We met them Saturday as they arrived at HQ about 2:00. For the remainder of the afternoon, they listened to presentations. Then Sunday we went to Wheaton Bible Church for the service and then had a tour of the children’s ministry department. The goal was to change into shorts before heading for downtown, but the rain was coming down in torrents and most said they didn’t want to change – but by the time we got to Navy Pier – the sun was coming out and the afternoon turned out beautifully.

We took them on an architectual boatride (very cool if you’ve never done it) and then to a special “Pie in the Sky” deal where you get supper at Giordano’s Pizza and then visit the Willis Tower all for one reasonable price.

Yesterday and today, they again sat in meetings and took tours of both of the HQ buildings.

I posted these pictures on FaceBook because some of the leaders didn’t bring their cameras – so I promised to post my pictures  – but here they are again.

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