The Discover Awana group left today – really enjoyed getting to know them.

But now for a last couple posts about Scotland.

When we arrived back in Oban (after our trip to Iona),  we headed right for a restaurant. By that time I was kind of hungry having had that banana and cheese on the run for lunch. (Besides, that saved us from walking BACK to the B&B and then RETRACING our steps to town.) This time we ate at the Waterside and I had fish pie (and lemonade/Presse – which proved to be a very good lemon soda).

We then wandered through town to Waterstone books which is like the Borders of the UK. So cool, but so little room in that suitcase!

RM and DG decided to go hear some more Scottish music so FG and I headed for an ice cream shoppe and enjoyed some good ice cream and then went back to the B&B.

Remember, I had been in Scotland a week and a half and had not yet really seen a sunset. For two reasons. Some days didn’t have a sun and the days that did have a sun – it was still there when we went to bed.

But this night, I decided to go outside (about 10:30-11:00) and see if I could find a sunset.


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