Now, here’s a place most tours of Scotland don’t stop – Dobbies. Anne said she wanted to show us where she shops … and Dobbies was very cool.

Dobbies was not only a garden center, but also had aisles of home decor items. Think Home Depot and Hobby Lobby mixed together into one gigantic super store. But they also have a cafeteria with tons and tons of choices for sandwiches, hot dishes and an array of desserts, you wouldn’t believe!  They even have a Baby Deli with such infant offerings as: A yummy scrummy tummy treat made up of  potatoes, carrots and peas,  Holly Bolly’s Chessy Cauli or Auntie Annie’s Sweet Sticky Pud Pud – because they want the entire family to feel welcomed. I’m thinking they should build some Dobbies in the States!

After you got your food, you could eat in a well-lit atrium or outside next to the pretty little pond which is next to their flowers aisles. All in all, I was impressed.

Dobbies actually was started back in 1865 and has 25 stores in the UK.

So if you ever need to buy a daisy in Scotland – here’s your place.

One thought on “DOBBIES”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your lovely review and kind words. you may be interested to know that you can keep up with all things Dobbies over at our garden blog and our online store does ship to the states!

    store is and blog is

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