So after we wandered around the memorial for awhile, we all gathered out on the lawn and sang Auld Lang Syne – just the first verse – not all the other verses.  But then again, since everyone called us The Daisies, I kind of like the second verse which is about daisies. (I actually had the song written out on here, but it was triggering some weird pingback, so I took it off.)

Anyhow, did you know that Auld Lang Syne was written by Robert Burns and literally means “old long since” or “long, long ago?”  Also, it is written in the same meter as America the Beautiful so you can sing the songs interchangeably – just in case the need for that ever happens in your life.

After that, we found a guy meandering by to take a group picture.

2 thoughts on “AULD LANG SYNE”

  1. Hey Linda,

    Really, is it really over?? I’m so sad. I’ve so enjoyed logging on to your website every morning and revisiting our Scotland trip!! It all ready seems like long ago.
    We need a night to meet for dinner, so we can catch up. Life is kinda crazy right now, but hopefully in the near future!

  2. Well .. sort of over – I have one to post about our last dinner.

    And of course, I could also do one about our last night wild run through Edinburgh – but maybe not 😦

    Yes, let’s get together. We’ll have to plan another trip so I have some more things to write about 🙂

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