1. One more picture from the zoo. I forgot the zebra, but it’s actually one of my favorite pictures!

2. Had a fun supper at IHOP with the 8yo. The whole time we were seeing how many names we could come up with – International House of Pickles, International House of Pumpkins, International House of Pizza, International House of Pecan Pie.

3. That between a discussion about what Grandpa Ken can see in heaven. (Ken and I used to take the girls to IHOP, so we often talk about him while we’re there.) The 8yo was fairly sure he was at the moment talking to Noah. But then she wanted to know if we had “free access to the whatever time of day we wanted” in heaven. So, we started talking about time and how heaven didn’t have time – so then how would you know when you were supposed to be somewhere.

4. That led to a discussion of food in heaven and I told her there would be a tree with 12 different fruit on it – one for every month (Revelation 22:2) At which point, the 8yo said, “Months? But there’s no time in heaven.”  OK, you answer that one!

5. Thanks to J. for leaving me a bag of the best Italian pastries in the world (from Francos) on my desk!  What a cool surprise!

6. I think I like Wheat Thin Sticks. I should probably not have a box right next to where I’m working here.

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