Back in July when I was down in Georgia my gracious hosts helped me put together a list of TEN THINGS TO DO IN NORTHERN GEORGIA. I didn’t DO all these things – this was just their list.

I also got pictures of a few of them that I didn’t do – but we drove by in the process of creating our list.

1. Visit the Coco-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta. (Did not do this this time, but have in the past.)

2. Drink sweet tea.

3. Eat at The Boat House (right along the Tennessee River).  We did do this and it was good.

4. Attend the Easter Sunrise Service at the Chickamauga Battle Field. (I did not attend the Easter service in July 🙂 – but this field is where it is held.)

5. Rejoice in not having to pay tolls.

6. Of course, eat at Mary Mac’s (see my entire post that I did on my delightful meal here.)

7. Go to at Braves game at Turner Field. (Did not do that, but got a picture!)

8. Visit the Atlanta Aquarium.

9. Visit the State Capitol in Atlanta.

10. Swat mosquitoes.

And they actually gave me about five more which I will list another day – but that’s it for now!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that those are great things to do in Atlanta (or sometimes referred to as “hot-Lanta” by locals :)) I know the man in the picture and attend the church that you refer to that holds their Easter services in the Park! 🙂 Small world!

  2. That sunrise service sounds cool!

    Steve, I’ll have to check out the Smith House to add to the remainder of the list.

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